APU shot down more than 40 Iranian drones, 6 attack helicopters and several planes in a week - Zelensky

Over the past week (October 22-29), Ukrainian soldiers have destroyed an impressive number of

enemy air targets, namely: more than 40 Iranian kamikaze drones, 6 attack helicopters and several aircraft. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this in an evening video message.

“This result is hundreds of saved livesUkrainians, dozens of preserved critical infrastructure facilities. And on the proposal of the military command, today I would like to especially note the Odessa and Kherson anti-aircraft missile brigades of the Air Force. Well done boys! I also thank all our defenders of the sky, absolutely everyone - all anti-aircraft gunners, pilots, mobile fire groups, who are now performing one of the most important strategic tasks - saving the country from terrorist air strikes, ”the head of state emphasized.