Archaeologists have discovered a new type of dinosaur - with one big toe!

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a reptile during excavations at the Cruzeiro do Westi paleontological monument

the state of Paraná. A distinctive feature of the Vespersaurus paranaensis was the structure of the lower extremities - the dinosaur moved with the support on one powerful toe, while the others - with long claws - used for hunting.

The height of Vespersaurus paranaensis is no more than 80 cm, length - about 1.5 m, and weight - up to 15 kg. The reptile died out about 90 million years ago.

This is an incredible discovery, since it’s aboutThe first dinosaur found in our state. In addition, we rarely come upon the remains of predatory lizards in a well-preserved state. If earlier it was believed that in our region, unlike North America and Europe, there were no dinosaurs, now it is clear that we just have to find them.

President of the Brazilian Paleontological Society Renato Pirani Gilardi

Recently, paleontologists have restored appearancebaby Tyrannosaurs, including one of the most dangerous - Rex. The study was conducted in honor of a huge exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, dedicated to tyrannosaurs.