Archaeologists have found a new route for human erectus in North Africa

Homo erectus is the direct ancestor of Homo sapiens - Homo sapiens. Traditionally, the cradle of humanity is considered

eastern Africa, where most are foundtraces of ancient people. At the same time, the northern part of Africa has been studied very little from this point of view, and only in recent years have archaeologists from Germany, Poland, the USA and South Korea begun to work there.

We found there traces of the presence of Homo erectus, numbering 500 thousand years. In total, it is about a thousand stone products.

Professor of Archeology Miroslav Masoich

Archaeologists have discovered traces of man erectusin northeastern Africa - in the Red Sea. Previously, it was believed that the upright man moved to the north of the mainland along the Nile River valley, but there were theories according to which migration took place in different directions.


According to scientists, despite the harsh climateThe Arabian desert, on its territory there is a large number of dried river beds - probably, during the settlement of the ancestors of people, this region looked completely different.