Are AirPods and other wireless headsets unsafe?

Living wirelessly is really more comfortable, and more and more

The demand for these devices is growing, and headphones from different manufacturers remain the bestsellers.Apple AirPods.Today, you can often meet people on the street who have such devices in their ears.The success of the Cupertino company has prompted many other companies to get their own wireless headphones.

Bluetooth security

But then came the scientists who say thatAirPods, as well as other wearable Bluetooth devices, can trigger oncology. Moreover, this was stated quite strongly, 250 scientists from different countries of the world signed the corresponding petition of the UN and WHO. Why did Bluetooth technology, which is used for wireless communication in devices like AirPods, were accused of increasing the risk of cancer?

It's all about the electromagnetic waves thatemit Bluetooth devices when transferring data. Everything would be fine, these electromagnetic waves around are full, but the use of the radiator is not so close to the head, but generally almost in the skull, it is considered very dangerous. In such proximity to the brain and with such intensity, electromagnetic waves are carcinogenic. In addition, this level of exposure can not cause problems in the field of neurology, and even contribute to DNA damage.

EMR is harmful

High power electromagnetic radiation cankill, cause burns and other cell injuries, which can show a long-term exposure to not very powerful radiation, while no one knows. How many Bluetooth headsets are there? How the state of their brain has changed, their health during this time, until no one seriously studied. WHO has developed principles for radiation power for people, but scientists are skeptical about them, they are too soft for them, there are large tolerances. It does not help prevent the occurrence of diseases. Which cause EM waves. The most vulnerable category of people is, of course, children.