Are animals cloned in Russia

Recently, in the scientific community, they are increasingly talking about the technology of animal cloning. But are they doing

something like Russian specialists?

It turned out that very much so. So, for example, scientists from the Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry named after academician L. K. Ernst have implemented a full-fledged technological chain of cloning.

Moreover, animals obtained by this method can easily cope with the further continuation of their kind.

A striking example of the result of the work of domesticExperts in this direction is the cloned lamb Konguru - in September he was three months old. At the same time, the cloned cow Flower is already two years old.

What is interesting, in addition to cloning, at the instituteare also engaged in editing cell lines of cows and sheep. Such manipulations make it possible to combine large muscle mass, strong bones and multiple pregnancy in one animal.