Are the economic wars against Huawei over?

Recently, the US Department of Commerce issued another temporary license to the Chinese company, which allowstrade with

The license is issued for a period of 90 days.As long as sanctions are imposed on the Chinese manufacturer, any transactions with it must be approved by a specially issued license.

Microsoft recently said it receivedpermission to supply Huawei software. If Google does not certify the smartphones of a Chinese company, what software does Microsoft sell them? In fact, everything is simple, the company produces not only smartphones, but also other computer equipment, including very good laptops. A laptop without an operating system is useless to most buyers. With Linux, many laptops cannot be sold, the share of this operating system on personal computers ranges between two percent, so Windows is really needed, as well as office suites Office

If permission has been granted, thenMicrosoft will resume selling operating system and office software licenses. This is very important for Huawei, since the lack of software licenses forced the company to postpone the release of the professional version of the new flagship, and the small ones were forced to stop selling the laptop MateBook X from Huawei on their website. When the remnants of old parties that did not fall under sanctions were completed, sales were suspended.

For Microsoft itself, this is permission from the Ministry of TradeThe US is also very important, because the American company works with the Chinese on a cloud solution Azure. This hybrid cloud service uses Microsoft's Azure Stack software, and Huawei provides the server.

The US Department of Commerce previously reported threehundreds of applications for the provision of temporary licenses to trade with a Chinese company, by the twentieth half of the applications were considered. Of those reviewed, half approved. There is no information about which companies, other than Microsoft, have received permission, but there are rumors that Google has also applied, it may be possible to buy smartphones of the Chinese company again soon. However, in this dispute a lot can turn out literally in a couple of days. Whether the professional version of the Mate 30 will be able to get the services of the American program to sell its flagship around the world is not known, as is the fate of future smartphones of the brand.

By the way

Microsoft, in turn, has postponed the launch of itsnew bluetooth headphones. According to the new schedule, Surface Earbuds should appear next year in the first months of spring. The reasons for this decision are still unknown, the company officially made a reference to the need for additional time to check the quality of the product and its reliability. Whether the company intends to make changes to the design, as well as pricing - no information. Most likely, the transfer of the release date to the cost does not appear, as well as on the design of the device.