Are you aware that gaming laptops have become more profitable than desktops? Then read on which ones to buy.

Uh-huh, we are again for the old confrontation. Disputes "desktop versus laptop" have been going on since ancient computer

times, but in 2020-2021.mining fever buried the idea of ​​system units underfoot and gaming video cards for mere mortals. On the other hand, and it’s like a tablecloth - no one cared about the price of mp3-players and cameras-“soap boxes” after switching to smartphones? So today, as never before, desktop computers make sense to replace them with well-thought-out to every centimeter and technically more efficient gaming laptops. Which are no longer "suitcases" with a scary design, and are much cooler in performance than you think. But this is in short, but here is the detail for you:

Table of contents

  • Do you need to configure or play assemblies?
  • You are reading this review from a monitor that is worse than the display in the OMEN 15 (most likely)
  • But it's not about the display
  • And when will it be about games?
  • Is everything clear with the video card, how does everything else work?
  • Chips from the category "only in HP OMEN"
  • If I connect my laptop to a monitor and keyboard-mouse, will it be another computer?
  • And here are the conclusions. Let's try to "bring them out"

Do you need to configure or play assemblies?

There comes a moment in every person's life wheninstead of manual settings in the "Camera" application in a smartphone, you want to take pictures in "Auto AI", instead of twitching the equalizer in the sound settings, you just switch to music in normal quality, and instead of dancing with components at the stock exchange level, where "you need to sell a video card this month , while the price is too high, otherwise I won't buy a new one ”, you switch to a gaming laptop.

"Old age" I suppose?Nope, in fact, this is the moment when instead of "checkers" you choose "go." It's like in computer games, when in the plot of the games of the 2010s you, hung with maximum armor, a knight with a super-sword was told: “Buddy, run a courier to a peasant to the opposite edge of the map! Nobody but you can do it anymore! " - and you ran. Or “collect 500 pieces. sage and plantain, otherwise we won't give you first-aid kits for health and won't let you go further along the plot! " And you are like: “What nonsense am I spending my life on! ..”, even if it’s a game.

Well, you will not argue that the time isour real life is even more valuable? Moreover, in it, in contrast to the "corridor" games, there is a choice. You can, of course, be engaged in "crafting" the optimal configurations of some tabletop monster for the soul. But, if you take a sober look at what gaming laptops offer assembled, you will understand that everything has already been done in them so"Turnkey", that you can stop "doing repairs in the apartment for the sake of the repair process in the apartment", stop and do the main thing - effectively and with pleasure to play games.


You are reading this review from a monitor that is worse than the display in the OMEN 15 (most likely)

Or maybe I didn't guess, because in the reviews of gamelaptops do not fall into mere mortals, I am people who are well acquainted with the cool "hardware" and the periphery. But it is highly likely that your monitor is inferior in performance to the display found in the HP OMEN 15.

And these are not "couch" assumptions, but statistics of the largest gaming platform Steam, for example. So look - 67% of gamers use a 1920 × 1080 display. You, most likely, too.

In the HP OMEN 15, the display also starts with 1920 × 1080, and ... it would seem, "Well, why did you waste our time, reviewer?" But this is not a simple display, but:

  • IPS... Hardly anyone uses TN today, although some people like the game with a picture of the “faded photo” level, oddly enough.
  • Brightness 300 cd / m2... Before you say “so what?"Or" Is this a lot or a little? ", Open computer monitors in the aggregator of online stores, and you will see that most often you are offered 250 cd / m2, and this is considered the norm. And your specific monitor, if not the last years of release, may not even pull 200 cd / m2.
  • Refresh rate 144 Hz... And now this is really cool. I repeat - 144 bright hertz on an IPS-matrix. Not 60Hz, not 144 on TN with poor viewing angles, not 144Hz with poor brightness, but all the best features at once.
  • Color gamut 98% sRGB... That is, the reference color rendition is guaranteed to you.

And it seems like “oh well, 1080p monitors with IPS and 144Hz is full! ". But here all this was packed in 15 inches, that is, a monitor with a typical 23-27 inches diagonal today should already be 1440p, or even 4K, so as not to seem cloudy.

By the way, the HP OMEN 15 also has variants with a 1440p display at 144Hz! And now it is no longer necessary to get any cooler than this in a 15-inch laptop.

But it's not about the display

And in the "hardware" - without good and properly working video card-processors-memory-storage (in that order) a gaming computer is worthless.

HP OMEN 15 Processors More Than Optionstuning engines in racing games Forza Horizon 4 or Need for Speed ​​Heat - and Core i7-10750H, and Ryzen 7 5800H, and Core i7-10870H, and Ryzen 9 5900H, and others ... but cool. " What do we get in the case of the Core i7-10750H in OMEN 15 "folk" configurations?

In fact - very seriousperformance. Yes, six cores, albeit with 12 threads. Not "glamorous" numbers? Now take into account that these six cores in a thin and quiet laptop (where a powerful graphics card is packed, by the way) are equal in performance to eight cores in a hot and gluttonous AMD Ryzen 7 1700, for example. And if you're wondering about the six cores of a desktop Intel Core i5-8600K, this notebook processor is 25-30% faster. At the same time, it consumes not 95 W, but 45 W, and often even less.

The processor today is not only "cores and some kind of integrated graphics"

Also, this processor is very pleased with the hardwarevp9 video format acceleration. This means that the laptop will play YouTube videos in 3840 × 2160 HDR resolution at 60 frames per second without the slightest strain on hardware (as economical as possible for the battery), and at the same time use only 30 Mbps of Internet speed. In laptops where the vp9 format is not supported, you would have to choose between "loading video in the old format strains my router to the fullest" and "vp9 plays, but the laptop howls with fans and is quickly discharged."

And when will it be about games?

Right now. So, the graphics card in the HP OMEN 15 is NVIDIA RTX 3070.

Let me remind you of the realities of the RTX 3070 for desktopcomputers: now it will be sold to you in a "wrung out" after mining used condition on ad sites for at least 100-110 thousand rubles. And in the new one - for 120-130 thousand, if you still find it in stock.

That is, the entire laptop is assembled, with a video card,display 1920 × 1080 IPS 144 Hz, drives, processor, RAM, battery, licensed Windows 11, good audio system, keyboard, touchpad, camera will cost almost as much as a new RTX 3070 for a computer (and then it may also rise in price! for the rate of cryptocurrencies).

Okay, for the purity of the experiment, we admit thatThe RTX 3070 in a laptop is not 100% equal to the desktop hefty PCIe sibling, but the laptop 3070 is faster than the desktop RTX 3060, faster than the RTX 2080 Super, and roughly on par with the desktop AMD Radeon 6700 XT.

What does it give us?Permissiveness mode in modern games. That is, the laptop copes with them as effectively as Messi, who was sent to play yard football against fifth graders.

What are powerful gaming graphics cards for? For this picture in Red Dead Redemption 2 and other modern games, for example

Now I remind you that 60 frames per secondfeel like "the game flies", and over 90 frames per second - "reacts to movement as quickly as it reads thoughts", and here are the specific performance figures for you in the variant with a laptop with a 1920 × 1080 display:

  • Far cry 6: 74 fps on ultra-detail graphics
  • Resident evil village: 135 fps on ultra-detail graphics
  • Cyberpunk 2077: 60-75 fps on ultra-detail graphics
  • Doom eternal: 150 fps on ultra-detail graphics
  • Need for speed heat: 65-70 fps on ultra-detail graphics
  • Battlefield v: 100-110 fps on ultra-detail graphics
  • FIFA 22: 230 fps (no, we are not kidding) on ultra-detailed graphics

Have noticed how many new games are stepping overborder not only 60 frames per second, but even a hundred? That's what 144 Hz is for this, so that the power reserve does not go into "steam", but turns into a super-fast reaction of games to control without lowering the quality of graphics.

“Yeah, but this is because the laptop is hefty?", - you suppose. I will say this - if you turn off the backlight in his keyboard and give it to Ilyinichna-chief accountant, you will never guess that this laptop has a processor of the level of an eight-core Ryzen 7 1700 with a video card that squeezes over 100 out of modern games at the most "limitless" settings. to / s. Believe it or not - go to the store, see live how compact gaming laptops are now, you will be impressed.

If the keyboard backlight is turned off, the HP OMEN 15 will not be able to detect the gaming model. "The wolf in sheep's clothing" ¯_ (ツ) _ / ¯

Honestly, before a live introduction to displays,which display a frequency of 120+ Hz, and computers that can squeeze out the corresponding number of frames per second, I thought that all this was too excessive for people over student age. They say, you can't compare with young people in terms of reaction speed, where do you, uncle, compete seriously with games after work with someone.

But in fact, everything is different - closer tothe saying "the road will be mastered by the walking one" and the principles that are familiar to us from the gyms. Carrying dumbbells - you get stronger. If you do not carry it, you do not become. So with gaming laptops: you play games on hardware, which allows you to use your reaction to the fullest - you become more attentive and dexterous not only in games, but also in life. This is how the brain and nervous system develop (it was not our idea, it was proved by scientists) due to computer games. Or, as HP calls it, "Transcend Humanity".

Is everything clear with the video card, how does everything else work?

From what is too lazy to dwell on in detail, but it should be noted briefly so that there is no "your review is not a review." In HP OMEN 17, among other things:

  • Easy to upgrade RAM and storage... Remove the bottom cover (bottom) - two in the centerremovable RAM modules (in the standard there are 2x 8 GB, but you can shove at least 2x 32 GB in there, DDR4 SO-DIMM modules have been allowing this for a long time), on the bottom sides there are two SSD M.2 PCIe slots (one has a standard drive, the second the connector is free). There is no “pick out the keyboard and disconnect 100,500 cables, and then turn the motherboard over, and there will be slots on the back side”, everything is convenient and smart.
  • Cooling is good... Even if you load all 6 cores and 12 threads, andat the same time, strain the video card as much as possible, you will get 80-85 degrees on the CPU (100 degrees are considered overheating) and 75 degrees on the GPU (95 degrees are considered overheating). But this is a level load, as if a person were carrying a backpack behind his back, a bag in each hand, a weight tied to each leg, and also a bag tied to his stomach and a bag with weights in his teeth. That is, in games, the temperature will be noticeably lower.

Fans are smart.If you are watching a movie or typing text (as I am currently typing this review), the processor and video card do not experience serious stress and do not heat up, the fans can generally go into silent mode. You start the "light" game - the fans start spinning at low speeds. Launch something heavy - on big ones.

  • Connectors above the roof, almost like on a desktop computer... In this regard, the OMEN 15 is even closer to than what are today called laptops for work. Instead of "we stuffed two Type-Cs here, and one for charging, and then it's your problem - buy adapters", there is a full-fledged set of connectors.


Sockets with a stock, adapters and other USB hubs are not needed

Here we also have RJ-45 for connecting the Internet viawire, and as many as three (!) full-size USB, and USB-C in its fancy design with Thunderbolt support (to talk for a long time - in general, this is a connector that is for connecting monitors, and for transferring data, and in general for everything), and a full size SD card reader.

And for connecting monitors, there is also a full-sizeHDMI, and mini-DisplayPort - many older monitors have HDMI 1.4 installed, which cannot work in 4K at 60 frames per second, but DisplayPort 1.2 or higher is installed, which works fully in 4K. With OMEN 15, there is no need to fence adapters for monitor compatibility.

  • High quality sound... Bang & Olufsen like in those cars of yoursbusiness class, yes. At the same time, it is possible to separately adjust the volume for the speakers and for the headphones, so that if you pull out the headphone cable or your Bluetooth "ears" are discharged, the laptop does not wake up the entire floor of the house in the middle of the night with shooting and swearing at "noobs" in some Battlefield ...

Chips from the category "only in HP OMEN"

Subtle Gaming Tuning in the OMEN Gaming Hub App... Tuning in the literal sense, that is, "tuning", not "bro, we put you spoilers and turbocharging."

The point is that you can balancepriority of data transfer in certain applications. That is, to choose between "I allow the movie to be downloaded in the background as intensely as possible while I play" and "let it swing a little longer, but with a guarantee that it will not affect latency (delay) in a network game."

OMEN Gaming Hub gives you even more customization to your laptop than other gaming desktops

And these are "flowers"! In the same application, you can do the undervolting of the processor... For those who do not understand the matters of fans of overclocking and other computer sports, I will explain the essence.

Processors are like apples.The Core i7-10750H is, for example, one sort of apple. Does this mean that all apples of a certain variety are exactly the same size? No, they are slightly different. But processors, unlike apples, are initially "aligned" under one average denominator so that no one complains about different temperatures or different performance in different copies of the same laptop model.

And undervolting allows you to play withsettings and try to make the processor work in a "cooler" power mode, with which it will not lose speed, but it will heat up by 15-20 degrees less. In short, if there is a desire to teach a laptop to "plow" in heavy games at low processor speeds, so that it does not overheat, the HP OMEN 15 has such a tool.

Undervolting is a way to lower CPU temperatures under load without sacrificing performance

Well, all sorts backlight settings for the keyboard and other "keyboard mice" also in place, where without them.

If I connect my laptop to a monitor and keyboard-mouse, will it be another computer?

By "iron" - the same, by sensations - different.After all, today we are talking about the fact that modern gaming laptops can replace inadequately expensive desktop computers, right? So, HP OMEN 15, like any other laptop, is also capable of this - you connect external accessories to it, and the laptop with a closed lid works in “system mode”.

But what about the usual arrangement of keys on the keyboard and the feeling of the "brand breed"?

Well, if you want to keep playing with the aestheticpleasure rather than self-assembly, HP OMEN makes both keyboards and mice and even a monitor for those who have a taste and branding and want “the same thing, but in a desktop version.

OMEN SEQUENCER Keyboard, OMEN REACTOR Mouse and MINDFRAME Headset - The Way To Turn A Simple Gaming Session Into “Haven't Played That Effectively For A Long Time”

And here are the conclusions. Let's try to "bring them out"

You start to explain "in a nutshell" - it turns out, as always, a "sheet". Sorry for this.

The thought of how much "mining fever"made desktops unprofitable, and how much technological advances (and the RTX 3000 series, not without it) have turned gaming laptops into cool and profitable alternatives can be deployed indefinitely.

But in general - "processor + video card + motherboard +RAM + drives "in desktop computers are already at the border where laptops at a similar price offer you good IPS displays 144 Hz, a stereo system, licensed Windows 11 and" transportability "-autonomous. What will happen next - we'll see, but for now, like this.


Among dozens of other HP OMEN 15 gaming laptops, we liked the following:

  • This is not a clown gaming laptop... It looks like a business-class working laptop, and will look good in a gaming club, and at a meeting among serious guys in jackets.
  • The configuration is optimal and "breathes" freely... Modern six-core Core i7 and RTX 3070 -friends of man. This is not yet a "fire-breathing armored train", as more powerful modifications, but also not a complete set "for poor relatives", when in some games you have to reduce the settings from maximum to high, or even "medium-high".

Moreover, you will almost always play at 120+ fps and 120+ Hz, which is an exquisite, “delicacy” pleasure in our difficult time for buyers of gaming computers.

  • All other characteristics are also not "bummer"... The display is bright and fast, sound, connectors and evenautonomy (if suddenly you are interested - 6 hours in an average load, up to 8 hours in office work, 1.5-2 hours in games, depending on their "severity") is fine.

Yes, a desktop computer may be slightlyquieter at maximum graphics settings in games. Only it will be the size of a bedside table, this is the first thing. And secondly, with the desire and skill in undervolting, you can reduce the temperature on the laptop processor and almost level this difference.

In general, we recommend buying - catch links, they will soon be on sale, you can grab such a laptop at the lowest price per year if you are interested in its configuration and potential. Good frags and fast laps!