Arma 3 developers announced DLC with a new map and aliens

Studio Bohemia Interactive announced the imminent release of a new paid add-on for its combat simulator

Action Arma 3. For the first time in the series, the developers decided to go to the frank fiction.

I want to believe

Following the development of Arma, and especially the thirdparts, you can see the trend of shifting the genre of the game from the simulator to the sandbox for role projects. The strength of the Bohemia brainchild is in its editor, community and modmaker. Developers are well aware of this and are increasingly releasing DLCs, which at the same time cajole both role players and old fans of the series. Supplement Contact perfectly illustrates this attempt to sit at once on two chairs. In the DLC we will be dropped into a part of the Polish-speaking country of Livonia, the new card will use some of the achievements of another project of the company - Dayz Standalone. The scale is 163 square kilometers - about a third of the scale of Chernarus from Arma 2. Here we will have to come into contact with a mysterious alien civilization and, of course, shoot everyone who wants to do this before us.

Bohemia also announced two new factions withwith their sets of equipment and armored vehicles: the Armed Forces of Livonia and Russian special forces. They will not forget to add old ones, adding chemical protection suits, drones and specific devices, like a spectral analyzer to them.

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Contact can be pre-ordered on Steam for 539 hryvnia, the game requires the original Arma 3.