Arma 3 military simulator is available for free play and purchase at a huge discount

Bohemia Interactive Announces Free Weekend on Steam Digital Distribution Service

war game Arma 3.

A military simulator is available for free play inthe period from January 15 to January 19. At the same time, the game and its add-ons will be offered for purchase at a large discount - from 57 to 73%. So, right now the cost of the game is about 359 rubles (75% discount), while Arma 3 Apex Edition is available for only 741 rubles (73% discount) instead of the previous 2715 rubles. It is worth noting that this action will last until January 20.

During the free weekend period, players are given access to both the main game, including the single player campaign, and to the Apex add-on, which also includes a cooperative campaign.