Armed Forces of Ukraine captured another most advanced Russian tank T-90M "Breakthrough"

In the near future, the second Russian tank T-90M "Breakthrough" should enter the arsenal of the Ukrainian army.

What is known

T-90M "Proryv" is the most advancedRussian tank from those that take part in the war against Ukraine. The first tank was captured by the Ukrainian military in September during a counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region. Less than two months later, he has already entered service with the Ukrainian army.

The second combat vehicle was captured in Luhanskareas. Judging by the short video, the tank did not suffer significant damage, unlike the one captured in September, which lost its tracks. Perhaps the Ukrainian army will start using this T-90M "Breakthrough" not in two months, but earlier.

It is worth noting that the T-90M "Breakthrough" ismodernization of the T-90, which in turn became the modernization of the T-72. The tank has anti-cumulative screens, Relikt dynamic protection, Arena-M active protection, and the Cape kit provides protection against reconnaissance and high-precision weapons.