Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a rare anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Tunguska"

The Tunguska anti-aircraft missile and gun system was spotted at the front. He rarely appears on video.

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The self-propelled anti-aircraft gun was developed in the 70s of the XX century due to the insufficient efficiency of the Shilka complex. She entered service with the army of the Soviet Union in 1982.

Now, in addition to Ukraine and Russia, ZRPK operators"Tunguska" are India, Belarus, Yemen, Myanmar, Syria and Morocco. According to data from open sources, as of 2021, Ukraine had 75 self-propelled guns of the 2K22M modification.

"Tunguska" is equipped with anti-aircraft guns withprojectile speed of 960 m / s and a rate of up to 5000 rounds per minute. The range is up to 4 km (up to 3 km in height). Also, ZRPK can use missiles at a speed of 600 m / s to destroy targets. The launch range is from 2.5 km to 8 km (up to 3.5 km in height).

Source: @karymat

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