Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a spectacular video of the synchronous operation of two Uragan multiple launch rocket systems

We recently saw the Uragan multiple launch rocket system in action. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine

demonstrated the synchronous operation of two MLRS.

What is known

Ukrainian multiple launch rocket system"Hurricane" is built on the ZIL-135 chassis. The combat vehicle (8 × 8) with a launcher weighs 20 tons and is equipped with two ZIL-375 engines with a total capacity of 360 horsepower. The maximum speed on the highway is 65 km / h, and the cruising range is 570 km.

"Hurricane" uses 220 mm caliber rockets. The launcher has 16 guides, and the launch range is from 8 to 35.8 km. It takes about 20 seconds for a full salvo.

According to open sources, Ukraine hasmore than a hundred rocket launchers "Hurricane". In 2022, the Ukrainian Burevіy MLRS on the Tatra T815-7 chassis was adopted as an improved version of the Uragan MLRS.

Source: @operativnoZSU

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