Artificial brain cells have appeared that can store memories

The particles the researchers took to simulate an artificial brain cell use charged

particles - ions. They create a kind of electrical signal that transfers information between neurons in the brain.

The researchers explained that moderncomputers can do incredible things, but this processing power is energy intensive. In contrast, the human brain is efficient: it uses a tiny amount of energy to get it done all day long. The reasons for this efficiency are not completely clear, but scientists have tried to make the computer more like a brain. One way scientists are trying to replicate the biological mechanisms of the brain is by harnessing the power of ions, the charged particles that the brain relies on to generate electricity.

In a new study, scientists from the Nationalthe Center for Scientific Research in Paris (France) created a computer model of artificial neurons that can produce the same electrical signals that neurons use to transmit information in the brain; By sending ions through thin jets of water that mimic real ion channels, the researchers could produce these electrical bursts. And now they have even created a physical model that includes these channels.

Researchers unveil the first brain-inspired neuromorphic chip

Thus, the researchers gota system that simulates the process of generating action potentials ("spikes") - jumps of electrical activity generated by neurons, they are the basis of brain activity. To generate an action potential, the neuron begins to let in more positive ions, which are attracted to negative ions inside the cell.

Electric potential, or voltage acrossthe cell membrane, causes the "cell doors" to open, which further increases the charge until the cell peaks and returns to normal after a few milliseconds. The signal is then passed on to other cells, allowing information to travel through the brain. In the preliminary model, the researchers also recorded a semblance of memory - the ability to retain information for a short period of time.

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