Artificial forest made of flexible plastic pipes will protect the coastline from wind and waves

Strong waves during storms can cause significant damage to buildings and infrastructure,

located within the coastline. At the same time, breakwaters, due to the high cost of construction, are installed only in large settlements or ports.

Researchers have proposed an inexpensive way to protectcoastline - creating flexible structures from plastic and concrete pipes about 20 m high. The pipes will be rigid enough to reduce wind speed, and flexible enough not to be destroyed by waves.

According to the scientists, the water will fall into the pipes - this will allow to extinguish the force of the waves. In the future, the system is likely to be installed along the coastline in Bangladesh, Mozambique, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Previously aerial survey conducted by researchers fromEdinburgh University has shown that the coastline in the Arctic is collapsing at a record-breaking pace - up to a meter per day. The reason is global climate change.