Artificial Intelligence alerts user to fake news

Artificial intelligence will fight the increase in the number of coordinated campaigns on social networks

to incite ethnic conflicts and impede the holding of democratic elections, scientists said.

AI will use content searchimages using computer vision technology. Now developers are testing it on the search for political memes about current politicians and future US presidential candidates.

The smart system was trained at 2 million posts on Instagram and Twitter on the example of the elections in Indonesia in 2019, when both presidential candidates massively used social networks to misinform the population.

In mid-February 2020, representativesThe World Health Organization specially came to Silicon Valley to negotiate with representatives of technology companies and social networks to combat disinformation. According to WHO, "false information is spreading much faster than coronavirus." Among the faknews, which are spoken about by the WHO, is that you can fight coronavirus with ordinary garlic or vitamin C, and you can catch it by eating soup from bats.