Artificial intelligence has managed to solve the Schrödinger equation

The network has information about the fresh discovery of scientists from Germany. They managed to create an artificial

intelligence whose model was able to solve the Schrödinger equation. This, in turn, can lead science to calculate the chemical and physical properties of molecules without experimenting.

A group of researchers has developed a method of deeptraining, with the help of which experts hope to bring the study of quantum chemistry to a qualitatively new level, reports Nature Chemistry. Their artificial intelligence was able to solve the problem of theoretical physicist Erwin Schrödinger, applied to the concept of probability waves, the classical differential equation of the wave function. Using this formula, scientists will be able to describe the wave propagation of the probability of finding a particle at a given point in space.

Recall that earlier other specialists announcedcreating an AI capable of determining the level of anxiety of terminally ill people with just eye movement. Judging by such news, modern science is getting closer to solving many previously unsolvable problems. And all thanks to the appearance of neural networks in our life.