Artificial Intelligence keeps a fair line.

The human factor very often prevents us from assessing the situation adequately, bias, incompetence,

fatigue, laxity, negligence, etc.Further, this is all characteristic of man. Moreover, this manifests itself in all areas of life, including in such an understandable and ordinary place as a queue at a bar, where the volume of your voice, arrogance and strong elbows propel you faster towards the coveted order.

Fair line

However, all this completely stops working,when it comes to artificial intelligence, impartial and fair, implacable and fearless. And then it’s impossible to get your order ahead of time, even though you scream and push. In one of the bars, an AI system is installed that recognizes faces, remembers who came when, who ordered, what ordered and in what quantity, prompts bartenders who will be the first to release his drink, according to a fair sequence. By the way, artificial intelligence also determines the age of the visitor along the way, and if the parameters of the face indicate a failure to reach the allowed threshold, then the AI ​​will inform the bartenders about this. Bar regulars are happy to test the system, and they are delighted with it.

AI application

AI (artificial intelligence) technologiesused today in many areas, however, in bars, this came as a surprise to many. But there really is logic and necessity for this. Bars are full of rude people who, using their aggressiveness and external characteristics, often gain an unfair advantage over calm, quiet visitors. And they have to wait quite a long time until they get noticed, because the queue can constantly be replenished. Harrild&Sons bar in the British capital was the first to start testing the AI ​​system, and at first visitors were wary of it. But very quickly they realized what the point was, and now everyone is delighted with the AI ​​queue.

How does it work

The system works on the basis of data thatgets from cameras equipped with AI facial recognition technology. The system developer is DataSparQ. Cameras monitor the area around the bar, track all suitable, and on the tablet for bartenders display the numbers of all orders. That is, the face of a person is highlighted, and a place in the queue. In general, the system does not play around, and you can not quickly serve pets or aggressive visitors. In addition, the system keeps track of too young visitors, defining such, the system gives the bartender a warning to his turn that he should check the documents. A huge plus of the system is that now the bartenders clearly see how many orders are in front, who is next, so now they are working without unnecessary movements, expectations, questions. Productivity has doubled. Well, all sruts artificial intelligence literally puts in its place.


DataSparQ calculated that if you implement a systemacross the country, this will allow selling 78 million more pints of drinks and at the same time reducing the time that the customer spends at the counter waiting for the counter. And one more advantage - information. The system will know who behaves like it, and too violent already at the entrance will receive "special" attention. The operation of the algorithm does not require complex expensive components and equipment. You need a webcam with normal resolution, a tablet and a stable network connection. Full connection of one pub costs $ 240.

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