As on desktops: Android 12 will allow you to open multiple Google Chrome windows

Chrome tabs can be organized in different ways depending on the platform. On a desktop computer, tabs

can be combined into groups in one or more windows, which can then be modified using your OS window manager.

On Android, you can also merge tabs intogroups, but you can't open multiple instances of Chrome like you do on a desktop. However, everything will change with the release of Android 12 and the new version of Google Chrome. Google is working to add multi-instance support and a window manager to Chrome for Android.

Over the past few weeks at Chromium Gerrita few code changes have been submitted, labeled “multi-instance”. These code changes add a “new window” button to the Google Chrome context menu when the device enters split screen mode. Clicking on the New Window button opens a new instance of Chrome on the other half of the screen.

After opening a second instance of Chrome inIn the context menu, the "Window Management" button appears, which displays all active windows, the window focus, the name of the active tab in each window and the number of open tabs in each window. In total, you can open up to 5 windows, while the number of tabs open in each window is not limited. Finally, the state of each instance is stored in the general settings of Google Chrome, which allows windows to persist across reboots.

Source: xda-developers

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