As requested by fans: Bungie talked about “armor 2.0” in Destiny 2 “Shadowkeep”

Developers from Bungie held a stream, telling gamers about “armor 2.0”, which will appear in Destiny 2 with the release

Shadowkeep expansion pack.

What is known

Fans of the original Destiny can openchampagne, because the sequel returns to the system from the first part. Now, in addition to Speed, Armor and Recovery, the characteristics of Intelligence, Discipline and Strength will appear. The maximum level for stats is one hundred, and it increases due to the characteristics of equipment. Moreover, each characteristic received 10 levels, increasing which the player receives bonuses. For example, an increased level of Strength speeds up recharge.

In addition, each piece of armor now hasown energy type - sun, emptiness, electricity. This characteristic determines what modifications the player can install on the armor. Equipment also has its own energy level, which determines the maximum number of slots for modifications. The more energy, the more improvements the player will be allowed to place.

Armor improves for Shine, Legendary Shards and Cores. The “Masterpiece” level remains and now gives +2 to characteristics.

"Armor" 2.0 will appear in Destiny 2 with the release of the Shadowkeep expansion. Solstice of Heroes gear will automatically receive an update to version 2. In addition, parts of the Legendary armor that players receive from raids and activities will already have a second version. Yes, you will have to reassemble your favorite set.