As strange as it sounds, OnlyFans prohibits "sexually explicit content"

OnlyFans is throwing probably millions of “small entrepreneurs” by the wayside, setting new restrictions

on the types of content that he will allow on his platform. Moreover, for those types of content, thanks to which the world, in principle, learned about the OnlyFans service.

OnlyFans said Thursday that itrefuses pornography - the cornerstone of his activities. In a statement, OnlyFans said the company will ban "sexually explicit content" from October 1.

Where is the line between “sexually explicitcontent ”and just nudity, the company did not explain, but added that nudity, in accordance with the policy of acceptable use, will still be allowed.

What is the reason?

Pending Outside Prosecutioncredit card companies can promise big trouble for OnlyFans. The platform has repeatedly stated that content is moderated by both automated systems and humans, and recalled that creators must go through rigorous identity verification in order to post content.

But credit card companies are not overly pornography friendly and have recently introduced moderation and host verification requirements.

OnlyFans does not tell you what will become of sexfrank content posted before October 1, or with the accounts of its creators, but promises to provide detailed explanations in the coming days. Well, the number of unemployed “successful bloggers” will clearly increase in the near future.

Source: bloomberg

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