Assassin’s Creed will be only more: the boss of Ubisoft spoke about plans for the development of the series

After the release of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Ubisoft fans realized that the company decided not to take quality, but quantity. A game

gave gamers an open world with tasks andactivities that stretched the gameplay for dozens of hours. In a recent interview for, Yves Guillaume, CEO of Ubisoft, confirmed the hunch by talking about the development plans for his sandboxes.

What is known

Amid the Odyssey by Assassin’s Creed: Unity looks compact since the storyline campaign takes 15 hours to complete. The adventures of Kassandra or Alexios will take 40 hours, while virtual Greece is filled with points of interest, which also compete for the attention of the gamer. In the financial reports, Ubisoft boasted that the Odyssey was pleased with its involvement indicators, and the company did not plan to return to more “compact” adventures.

“Our goal is to make your Unityinside Odyssey. If you want a story for 15 hours, you can get it, but you can also find other stories. You live in this world and do what you wish. You have an adventure, many Unity-like adventures, ”Guillaume explained.

On average, players spend 60 hours in Odyssey, whicha lot for a solo adventure. In addition, the project is supported by free updates, constantly filling the Odyssey with content. Ubisoft began to invest more money in the development of projects, but does not change the base price of $ 60. The company is not afraid to go this way, because games now live longer, and costs are repelled in the future thanks to microtransactions.

“Our teams do not stop working after launchgames. Huge groups continue to create content so that players stay in the universes in which they like to be. The fact that some users buy items in these games allows our teams to create additional content, ”said Guillaume.