Aston Martin showed the first own electric car. He was announced 4 years ago!

The automaker will release Rapide E in a limited edition of 155 electric cars. The cost has not yet been disclosed.

The car received a battery capacity of 65kilowatt-hours and two engine capacity of 602 liters. with. The maximum speed of an electric vehicle is 250 km / h, and up to 100 km / h Rapide E will accelerate in four seconds.

One charge is enough for 320 km. In this case, the electric car will support charging stations with a capacity of less than 100 kW, which will allow it to fully charge in less than an hour.

For the first time, the concept Rapide E was introduced inIn 2015, however, almost immediately after the announcement, Aston Martin announced financial difficulties and cut many programs. After this, new references to Rapide E appeared only in 2017.