Astranis Launches Its Internet Satellites

Startup Astranis is preparing to launch their first commercial telecommunications satellite aboard the Falcon 9.Flight

scheduled for the fourth quarter of next year.

Why is that

The main target audience of the company is people, nothaving permanent access to a broadband Internet connection. They want to provide such consumers with the Internet through low-cost satellites and lower the price of iron for telecommunications. According to them, such devices can be built and run much more often than even Falcon can fly.

Why are they

Astranis satellites are very cost-effective because they are small and easy to build, which fundamentally changes the relationship between provider partners.

What will happen

As Astranis themselves claim, the goal of their firstThe flight will launch one satellite into a geostationary orbit over Alaska, which will expand the capacity of local providers to 7.5 gigabits per second. Also, the operation of the satellite can reduce communication costs up to three times.

What is the difference

The main difference between the idea of ​​Astranis from the same Starlink from Elon Mask is that the satellites will be in geostationary orbit and will be tied to the terrain, which is covered.