Astronomers have seen a huge ice wall on Titan - it stretches for 6,300 km

Titan is the only cosmic body, besides the Earth, on the surface of which water exists in liquid form, and

the only satellite of the planet with a dense atmosphere. The satellite's diameter is 5,125 km, which is 50% larger than that of the Moon.

Because of the dense atmosphere, the satellite is not enoughwell studied - however, the researchers found a giant ice wall in the Cassini probe images, which stretches for thousands of kilometers on the surface of Titan. The wall is located between 30 ° east longitude, 15 ° north latitude and 110 ° east longitude, 15 ° south latitude - its length is about 6.3 thousand km.

Perhaps we saw something that is a relica time when Titan was completely different. We know nothing about the presence of active ice volcanoes on the satellite. This suggests that the ice wall is gradually collapsing and may reveal organic matter that has been buried under the ice for thousands of years.

Caitlin Griffith, lead author of the study

Earlier, a group of scientists who are engaged in the analysisdata from the Cassini probe, discovered on Titan a network of hydrocarbon lakes. Some of them are formed only in certain seasons and reach several millimeters in depth, others are more than 1,000 years old and their depth is up to 100 m.