Astrophysicists discovered a new type of space objects - “cold quasars”

Quasars are considered the brightest objects in the Universe. They arise when supermassive black

hole, which is located in the center almostEach galaxy gets too much gas. As a result, the gravitational energy of the fall is converted into heat and light, and a bright jet appears around the black hole.

It is believed that quasars occur most oftendue to the collision of galaxies, when there is a huge amount of gas near the black hole. However, as a result, its radiation in the brightest stage pushes dust and gas out of its surroundings, the quasar itself goes out, and the star formation process stops in the galaxy itself.

Before the process of the disappearance of gas from the galaxy isthe substance continues to hide the core, so scientists have never observed a quasar that is inside a cloud of dust and gas. Now scientists from the University of Kansas have managed to detect cold quasars in a transition state, when they already emit a tremendous amount of energy, and their core is no longer hidden by dust and gas.


As part of the study, astrophysicists studied 600quasars in the optical, x-ray and infrared ranges. It turned out that 22 quasars have a large amount of cold gas and dust. In this state, quasars live no more than 10 million years, which is extremely short in the framework of the evolution of the Universe.