ASUS ROG Cetra Review: Active Noise Canceling Headset for Mobile Gaming

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The mobile gaming segment is growing at a very fast pace, which means that the demand for a suitable gaming

"Periphery" - too. Standard full-size gaming headsets are not very convenient for use with smartphones, especially on the go. And recently, more and more smartphones are losing the 3.5-mm headphone jack. So the release of mobile-oriented gaming headsets with Type-C looks logical. Today we have just such a model in the editorial office, the ASUS ROG Cetra in-channel headset with several interesting features.

  1. What is interesting ASUS ROG Cetra?
  2. What is included?
  3. What does the ASUS ROG Cetra look like?
  4. How convenient is it to use the ASUS ROG Cetra?
  5. How good is sound and noise reduction in ASUS ROG Cetra?
  6. In the dry residue

What is interesting ASUS ROG Cetra?

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ASUS ROG Cetra - wired intra-channela headset with 10.8 mm ASUS Essence dynamic drivers, an omnidirectional microphone, an active noise reduction system, ambient sound mode and USB Type-C connection. Declared compatibility with smartphones, Nintendo Switch and PC (of course, if you have the appropriate connector).

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What is included?

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ASUS ROG Cetra headset comes in a smallcardboard box in the company black and red colors of the ASUS ROG line. On the box is a bunch of beautiful prints with images of the headset itself, the delivery kit and the main technical features. Inside the box there is a headset, a round black case with a zipper for transportation, three pairs of silicone nozzles of different sizes, one pair of foam nozzles (unusual considering the purpose of the headset), three pairs of additional “fin” clamps of different sizes, a removable clip for fixing the cable to clothes and instruction.

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What does the ASUS ROG Cetra look like?

ASUS ROG Cetra - in-ear headphones withvery large cases of unusual shape. They are made of dark gray plastic, making it lightweight. On the outside of the headphones there are ROG logos with red backlighting and microphone holes for the noise canceling system.

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On the top and next to the sound guide of eachThe earphone has two more holes. Apparently, compensatory. The sound guides are long and thin enough, with a protrusion for more reliable attachment of nozzles. They are located at a completely successful, anatomically correct angle.

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The cable enters the headphones from below, there isadditional protection against an excess. The cable itself is standard-looking, with black insulation and a gold-plated Type-C connector. Not the most malleable, but not confused. And it feels durable, and this is important in this case: replacing it simply will not work.

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The cable is quite impressive in sizecontrol panel, it is also a DAC with all the electronic harness. On the front there are three buttons for controlling the volume and playback, as well as an LED indicator of the operating mode. On the side is a button for switching these very modes:

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Above the remote control there is a separation into two cables to each of the headphones, there is a plastic lock to adjust the length after separation. A microphone is located on the cable of the right earphone:

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The headphone quality is good, design- Lovers of gaming peripherals with a bright appearance will definitely like it. By design - there are a couple of points that I would like to improve. It would not be out of place to have a replaceable cable, as well as the ability to connect to a familiar 3.5 mm jack. This would make the headset more versatile.

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How convenient is it to use the ASUS ROG Cetra?

The ears of the ASUS ROG Cetra feel comfortable andreliably. They do not fall out even without additional fixators, although the anatomy is very individual and the presence of removable “fins” is definitely a plus. By passive sound insulation everything is also in perfect order with the right choice of nozzles. The only complaint about the ASUS ROG Cetra in terms of convenience is the size of the headphones themselves. They bulge out very noticeably. Headphones are designed for use on the road and in the warmer months there will be no problems with this. In winter, the large dimensions are very affected: it is difficult to wear the ASUS ROG Cetra with a hat.

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The remote control on the wire is quite convenient to use. All buttons are large, well separated from each other and have a clear, informative touch. The two extreme buttons are responsible for adjusting the volume, the middle for playing, pausing and switching to the next or previous track (double and triple pressing, respectively). On the side is a button for switching operating modes. If the LED is on, then the noise reduction system is on. If blinking - “through” mode. A piece will be useful in some situations. For example, when crossing the road, or if you need to hear someone, but do not want to remove the headphones.

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Despite the focus on mobileFor use, ASUS ROG Cetra can be connected to a PC with Type-C, the configuration uses the general Armory II proprietary software for all ASUS gaming peripherals. You can adjust the volume of the headphones, microphone, compression, microphone noise reduction, adjust the equalizer and choose one of the predefined settings profiles. In the “assortment” there are profiles for shooters, races, music, films and so on, as well as the ability to turn on virtual surround sound.

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How good is sound and noise reduction in ASUS ROG Cetra?

For the sound in the headset, dynamicASUS Essense emitters of 10.8 mm. Of course, the sound is tuned, first of all, for games and films. Accordingly, the most emphasized are the low frequencies and the lower middle. Although a large number of them does not mean high detail. From the point of view of games or watching movies, the headphones sound very good, with the corresponding scale and clumsiness. For games and TV shows on the go, the sound is great. Although the design itself somewhat limits the possibilities for an imaginary scene and positioning, the ROG Cetra is still inferior to full-size headsets. Listening to music in ROG Cetra is not the best solution. Perhaps the sound will “go” to fans of the maximum number of basses who listen mainly to any kind of electronics or hip-hop. For any instrumental music is not very.

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Active noise canceling systemits task is very good: the middle frequencies and hum are intelligently cut off, high-frequency noise is a little worse. Of course, if you turn on noise reduction on a noisy street and do not turn on the music, then the surrounding noise will partially leak out. But this is within the norm for almost all headphones with active noise reduction. Otherwise, the noise reduction efficiency is enough for games and comfortable listening to music, watching TV shows even in the subway. And if necessary, with one click you can activate the "end-to-end" mode and return to the real world.

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The microphone in the headset is omnidirectional, locatedvery well, at an optimal distance from the user. In quality - no discoveries should be expected. He is quite good and gives voice informatively.

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In the dry residue

Mobile gaming is gaining momentum, and withhim and manufacturers begin to produce the corresponding peripherals. ASUS ROG Cetra is just one of the prime examples of this. The headset has a characteristic “gaming” appearance with a red backlight and no less gaming sound, which is primarily suitable for games and watching movies, but not very for music. Of the nice bonuses, the ASUS ROG Cetra boasts an active noise reduction system with an end-to-end mode and a convenient shape with a reliable fit in your ears. Of the controversial points, it is worth highlighting limited compatibility with devices: in fact, these are only smartphones, Nintendo Switch and PCs / laptops with Type-C. The rest of the game consoles and not the latest PCs are left overboard.

4 reasons to buy ASUS ROG Cetra:

  • high-quality sound of games and films;
  • convenient and reliable design;
  • bright gamer design;
  • active noise reduction and end-to-end mode.

2 reasons not to buy the ASUS ROG Cetra:

  • limited compatibility;
  • you need headphones to listen to music.


In-channel wired gaming headset with active noise canceling system, microphone and backlight.



For mobile gamers

Technical specifications ASUS ROG Cetra


dynamic, 10.8 mm ASUS Essence

Frequency range
20-40 000 Hz

16 Ω

1.25 m

USB Type-C

26 g

Active noise reduction system


Type of

Frequency range
50-10000 Hz

Microphone sensitivity
-40 dB ± 3 dB

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