At a depth of 3000 m, the researchers found a "yellow brick road"

The research ship Nautilus discovered a strange formation while diving to the ridge

Liliuokalani in Papahanaumokuakea Park. At the top of the Nootka seamount, the researchers found an unusual structure of the “dried lake bed”, which resembles a path made of individual bricks.

Scientists say that such a structure formedvolcanic flow: as a result of powerful eruptions, numerous rock particles settle to the seabed. The unique cracks that divide the "road" at right angles, creating the shape of the brickwork, are believed to be related to the constant heating and cooling during numerous eruptions.

The Nautilus research vessel is exploring earlierunexplored sites of the underwater Liliuokalani mountain range in Papahanaumokuakea National Park. The researchers believe the materials collected by the vessel will help determine the geological origin and age of these seamounts and better understand the formation of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.

In addition, the expedition members are planningsurvey the underwater biodiversity of the seamounts, explore the coral and sponge communities commonly found at such depths in other parts of the natural park.

The Nautilus team uploads broadcasts of their research daily in the public domain.

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