At IndieGoGo introduced PhoneGlass cover, hiding the screen from prying eyes

Designer Seok Myong Kang's new case will not only protect almost all flagship devices from

falls, scratches and cracks, but also information from their owners from unnecessary viewers.

The case is a silicone bumper, butInstead of the usual one-piece design, it is equipped with glass at the back, which provides the screen visibility only at a practically right angle. Those who try to look from the side will only see a black screen.

Another advantage of PhoneGlass isbuilt-in blue filter, which significantly reduces eye strain. The case is sold in two versions: only a bumper and a protective glass and full protection from a metal case mounted on the back with magnets.

PhoneGlass will fit all iPhones from Seventh to XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S9 + and Note 9.