At the end of the year, AirPods 3 will come out with a useful feature.

The release of the second generation of Apple AirPods seemed little interesting to us. I will say more, users did not expect at all,

that the new product will be so boring.No black color in the line, no noise cancellation, no new interesting features. Apart from the new case with support for wireless charging, there’s not much to talk about. Maybe AirPods 3 will change our minds. Suddenly, the Internet started talking about the release date of the accessory.

AirPods 3

Taiwanese resource DigiTimes reports thatApple plans to release third-generation AirPods wireless headphones by the end of this year. Although there was previously information that the tech giant had postponed its release dates to 2020.

Apart from the scheduled launch date of AirPods 3Their main feature is also reported — noise reduction function. The main assembler will be Inventec, and the Chinese company Luxshare Precision will also receive part of the orders. Meanwhile, there is also information that the integration of the new noise reduction function may create new problems for the manufacturer related to design and assembly.

Noise reduction technology itself does notis new, just difficult to use. Plus, headphones with noise canceling will use more power than headphones without it. How exactly Apple will solve this problem is also not yet known.

It is said that the Taiwanese company InventecIt has unique capabilities to solve production problems of the AirPods 3 due to its extensive assembly experience, which gives the manufacturer more chances to receive orders for an assembly from Apple than Chinese Luxshare Precision. Currently, assemblers receive an equal share of orders for AirPods 2.

Mark Gourman from Bloomberg also stated thatApple's third-generation AirPods may include noise reduction, as well as new design and possibly improved water protection that will allow AirPods to withstand "splashing water and rain." However, Gourmet believes that AirPods 3 will not be released before 2020.