ATACMS replacement: Lockheed Martin is developing a new missile for HIMARS and M270 with a range of up to 650 km, it will be able to destroy ships

The American company Lockheed Martin is developing a new missile for multiple launch rocket systems.

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The novelty is called Precision Strike Missile orabbreviated PrSM. It should become a replacement for the MGM-140 (ATACMS). The new missile is planned to be used with the RZSO M142 HIMARS and M270A1. It is designed to destroy enemy air defenses, as well as to destroy command posts, troop concentrations, etc. In addition, with the help of it it will be possible to destroy naval targets.

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As for the firing range, it will be60-650 km. According to Naval News, the PrSM prototype is already capable of covering a distance of 400 km. For comparison, the ATACMS missile hits targets at a maximum of 300 km. By the way, in addition to the increased firing range, the PrSM will also boast a reduced production cost. There is no information yet when the production version of the rocket will appear.

Source: Naval News