ATB chain of stores launched ATB Pay: when paying, they donate a corporate package

The largest chain of food stores ATB, the number of stores in which has already exceeded 1000, announced

launching our own payment system ATB Pay.This will allow customers to receive additional personalized discounts and bonuses, which are calculated using Big Data, geolocation and elements of artificial intelligence. To use the payment system, you need to download the ATB application (available for Android and iOS) and link your bank card to it. For those who do not have a payment card, you can use a virtual one, replenishment of which (by number) will be free in terminals installed in ATB retail outlets.

The application supports contactless payments (withusing NFC) via ATB Pay. And it allows you to save time when making payments at the checkout due to the absence of the need to count change. The company says it expects 10% of connections to ATB Pay in the first three months after the system launches, resulting in tens of thousands of users (the ATB app has been downloaded from the Google Play app store more than a million times). To stimulate connections in the first days of the system’s operation, special discounts will apply upon payment and the branded “ATB” package, which has become an Internet meme, will be issued free of charge.

According to the general director of the corporation "ATB"Boris Markov Group of Companies "ATB" has maintained a high rate of development of the trading network for over 10 years. Capacity building is carried out on the basis of a long-term strategy developed by the company’s management, which provides for a combination of quantitative growth with the introduction of a new store concept — advanced European technologies, concepts and practices for developing discounter format. ”

The company's plans for 2019 include opening more100 new stores (including experimental ones with self-service checkouts) and reconstruction of 50 existing ones. Today, ATB-Market continues to hold a leading position among all Ukrainian retailers. At the end of 2018, the company opened 80 new discount stores, including 34 stores in Western Ukraine and 14 in the southern regions of the country. The turnover of the ATB retail chain based on the results of 2018 amounted to 103.9 billion hryvnia, which is 23% more than in 2017.

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