Atheists and believers turned out to be close in moral guidelines

It is believed that atheists are more immoral than believers. The aim of the new study was to find out if there is

something in common between these groups of people in terms of moral guidelines.

The moral values ​​of atheists and believers canslightly different, but as scientists have found, both have the same "moral compass." The researchers conducted four online surveys in two countries: the United States, where religiosity is the norm, and Sweden, which is one of the most secular in the world. The participants had to agree or disagree with some of the statements.

As a result, both groups scored approximately the samelow score for immoral tendencies. People generally disagreed with statements such as "I am willing to be unethical if I believe it will help me succeed."

In addition, almost all respondents highly ratedmoral values ​​that protect a person. It is justice, freedom and protection from oppression. It is also interesting that both believers and atheists considered rational thinking to be an important value.

The difference was observed in the areas related to group behavior. Believers tend to value group loyalty and respect for authority figures much higher.