Australia, for the first time in history, recognized the species as extinct due to global warming.

Mosaic-tailed rats were found only on Bramble Cay Island in the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef.In

The last time fishermen saw rodents was in 2009.In 2016, scientists came to the conclusion that all representatives of the species were extinct - the reason was a sharp reduction in the territory of the island due to the rise in the level of the World Ocean and the regular flooding of this land area.

Representatives of the Ministry of the EnvironmentAustralia did not comment on changes in the status of a mammal to an extinct. However, the mosaic rat was the only mammal endemic to the Great Barrier Reef.

Previously an international group of scientistsanalyzed data from 73 reports from universities in different countries on the trend of falling insect numbers in their regions. It turned out that about 40% of all existing insect species are on the verge of extinction, and in the future such a decline can provoke a massive biosphere change.