Australian Air Force will adopt unmanned aerial vehicles from Boeing in the mid-2020s

The Australian army intends to adopt unmanned aerial vehicles Loyal Wingman, developed by Boeing as part of

Skyborg programs. The first model of the device was presented by the concern in the spring of 2019.

The main goal of the production of unmanned aerial vehicles is the development of relatively cheap and reusable devices, the loss of which will not lead to serious financial costs and the death of pilots.

Under the Boeing contract with the Australian Air Force, concernwill have to develop three prototypes of aircraft with a length of 11 m and a wingspan of 11.7 m. It is planned that the device will be able to fly over distances of up to 3.7 thousand km.

The drone will receive an artificial intelligence system that allows it to autonomously perform certain tasks and in combat conditions act like a manned fighter.

Earlier it was reported that the slave drone planes, which is developed by the US Air Force, will learn the art of flying from human pilots.