Authorities in Hawaii approved the construction of a thirty-meter telescope. It will be the largest optical telescope in the world.

Preparations for the construction of the Thirty MeterThe telescope has been under construction since 2015, the project will cost $1.4 billion. It is planned that the segmented mirror will collect nine times more light than any of the existing optical telescopes. It should be put into operation in 2027.

Activists opposed the construction; they said the beliefs of Native Hawaiians were not taken into account in the construction plans, for whom Mauna Kea is sacred.

Opponents of the project filed a lawsuit at the University of Hawaii, but the state supreme court with four votes to one. In this case, an observatory with several research centers is already working on Mauna Kea.

Earlier, the Russian ground-space observatoryRadioastron has found evidence that in the center of the galaxy OJ287 there are a couple of supermassive black holes that rotate at a short distance from each other.