Autumn in Battlefield 5 will add a new theater of operations

Dice has updated the Battlefield 5 development roadmap for 2019. New content, as before, will be divided into chapters,

There are three planned this year. In addition to the modes and maps, players were teased with a new theater of war.

Chapter 3: "Firestorm"

  • On March 25, the long-awaited game will appear in Battlefield 5Battle Royale mode. It will differ from other representatives of the genre in the smaller number of players (64, divided into squads of 4 people) and the presence of heavy armored vehicles.
  • In April, the developers promise to make changes to matchmaking and add a “Hardcore” mode.
  • The last month of spring will be smaller in scale - only one map will appear, “Mercury”, based on the German airborne landing operation of the same name on the island of Crete.
  • In June, players can expect a new Outpost mode with a focus on building and assaulting fortifications.

Chapter 4: “Contrary to Circumstances”

  • Summer in igroprome - traditionally quiet season and Dicedid not become an exception. Add a mode of 5 to 5 with an emphasis on melee, as well as a couple of cards: "Marita" and "City battle", not a lot. However, the developers promise to tell more about this chapter at the EA Play event on June 7-8.

Chapter 5: The Giant Awakens

  • In the fall, the most interesting thing awaits players - a newtheater of war, but Dice has not yet disclosed details. In the worst case, we face another landing in Normandy, in the best - the Pacific theater of war or the Eastern Front.