Autumn in Battlefield 5 will add a new theater of operations

Dice has updated the "roadmap" of the development of Battlefield 5 for 2019. The new content, as before, will be divided into chapters

There are three of them this year. In addition to the modes and maps, the players teased the new theater of war.

Chapter 3: "Firestorm"

  • March 25 in Battlefield 5 will be the long-awaitedRegal Battle Mode. It will differ from other representatives of the genre by a smaller number of players (64, divided into teams of 4 people) and the presence of heavy armored vehicles.
  • In April, the developers promise to make changes to matchmaking and add the "Hardcore" mode.
  • The last month of spring will be less ambitious - there will be only one map “Mercury”, based on the operation of the same name by the German Airborne Forces landing on Crete Island.
  • In June, the players expect a new mode "Outpost" with an emphasis on the construction and assault fortifications.

Chapter 4: “Contrary to Circumstances”

  • Summer in igroprome - traditionally quiet season and Dicedid not become an exception. Add a mode of 5 to 5 with an emphasis on melee, as well as a couple of cards: "Marita" and "City battle", not a lot. However, the developers promise to tell more about this chapter at the EA Play event on June 7-8.

Chapter 5: The Giant's Awakening

  • In the autumn, the players are waiting for the most interesting - the newtheater of war, but the details Dice has not yet disclosed. In the worst case, we are waiting for the next landing in the Normandy, in the best - the Pacific theater or the Eastern Front.