AwesomePageDots, QuickCC, StickAround and other new jailbreak tweaks

Last week was very eventful in terms of the release of updates for jailbreak tools. Together with that

new jailbreak tweaks came out. Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks that were released last week, and begin as usual with the best of them.

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The best tweaks of the week


Want to make the page dots on your home screen more interesting? If so, then you will be interested in the new jailbreak tweak AwesomePageDots. This tweak changes the animation of the dots on the home screen, making it more enjoyable. Moreover, tweak works on all devices.


Quickcc - An excellent jailbreak tweak for the Control Center,which makes the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control icons much more useful. When you use a long touch on one of the icons, you can view all available networks and devices, as well as connect to them. You do not have to open Settings for this.


We all use some sections of the Settings app more often than others. Unfortunately, finding the right section of the Settings is not as easy as we would like. Stickround - A new jailbreak tweak that allows you to pin sections of the Settings at the very top of the list. This way you will find the options you need much faster.

Other tweaks

AutoAlerts: Allows you to automate actions with notifications (shiftcmdk).

Betterreachability: Improved user-friendly interface (shiftcmdk).

CCAudioBalance: Manage the balance of the audio of your device through the Control Center (shiftcmdk).

Cukey: Allows you to customize the appearance and sounds of the keyboard (BigBoss).

Customlock: Allows you to change the font of the text on the lock screen (Packix).

CustomSiriBG: Allows you to change the screen background Siri (Packix).

CustomSounds: Allows you to customize sounds throughout the iOS system (Packix).

DynamicPack for Snowboard: Extension for Tweaks SnowBoard (Packix).

fkwechatzan: Additional features for the WeChat app (BigBoss).

HomeScreenSwipeLock: Allows you to lock the device with a swipe up on the home screen (shiftcmdk).

Lookinloader: Allows you to modify the application interface (BigBoss).

NoPreviousNextButtons: Removes back / forward buttons from YouTube app (CydiaGeek).

PencilChargingIndicator: Adds Apple Pencil 2018 Charge Indicator on iPhone (shiftcmdk).

Percentx: Displays the percentage of charge throughout the system (CydiaGeek).

PermaFlex: Allows you to hide FLEXible elements (shiftcmdk).

Quietdown: Allows you to turn off notification sounds for certain periods of time (skitty).

SettingsCollapse: Allows merging sections of the Settings application (shiftcmdk).

Switchmode: It makes it easier to enter the device in Safe Mode (Packix).

ViberSendConfirm: Requests confirmation of sending messages to Viber (CydiaGeek).

Vinculum: List of applications in the style of Google Nexus 7.0 Nougat (Packix).

XenAnalog: Analog Clock for iPhone (Packix).