BAE Systems has tested a guided long-range projectile for the new generation M1299 howitzer, which will replace the M109A7 Paladin

BAE Systems announced the successful testing of a sub-caliber guided long-range projectile. For the test

The XM907E2 howitzer was used, which has a 58-caliber barrel.

What is known

long range artillery shellis being developed by BAE Systems for the US Army as part of the XM1155 Extended Range Artillery Projectile program. The tests made it possible to confirm the compatibility of the new ammunition with the test stand of the next generation howitzer. BAE claimed that the round destroyed the stationary target.

The final product of the XM1155 Extended programRange Artillery Projectile will become a guided projectile that can hit stationary and moving targets. The range compared to current ammunition will more than double.

In parallel, BAE Systems is working on a howitzernew generation. The development takes place as part of the Extended Range Cannon Artillery program. The prototype gun mount is called the M1299. The new howitzer will replace the M109A7 Paladin.

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In mid-autumn 2022, BAE Systems, with the help ofThe M1299 has tested the LR-PGK unit, which turns conventional projectiles into precision weapons. It has interception protection and is compatible with M795, M1128, XM1113 and M549A1 rounds.