Balenciaga has released a video game to unveil its next clothing collection

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is an "allegorical adventure" set in 2031. Hero avatar

moves through separate zones, it has its owntasks, company representatives report. The description of the game is not very detailed - it will fit all video games from Super Mario to Wolfenstein. So far, one thing is clear: the focus of the game is the new autumn collection of the 2021 campaign. Input says that The Age of Tomorrow is available for browsing.

Fashion titans had to wonder howcause a stir in a year when face-to-face collection shows are impossible. According to The Guardian, approaches differ from one fashion house to another. Some prefer small runway shows with a limited number of visitors, while others prefer to broadcast their events live. Balenciaga has already experimented with an online format to showcase its Summer 2021 collection. This is how the video for the song I Wear My Sunglasses at Night appeared.

Apparently, the upcoming collection of fashionat home is based on the theme of human destiny, "as seen in an interactive gami ed journey." The Verge warns the fashion house's game won't be the next "high-octane esports hit."

This isn't the first time video games are helping product launchesnot related to video games. Recently, the world of video games and fashion have been cooperating especially often. League of Legends developer Riot Games announced last year that Louis Vuitton will be developing new in-game and real-life items related to the game. Other high-profile collaborations include Travis Scott's PlayStation limited edition sneakers. And fashion brand Acronym made a jacket inspired by Death Stranding and sold it for $ 1,785.

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