Banks will not be able to collect digital information about Russians without their consent.

By the end of 2019, an application will be launched that will allow every resident of Russia to manage their data.

in government information systems inwithin the framework of the project “Digital Profile of a Citizen”. The pilot function of this system will be a service that allows Russians to give banks access to information about themselves to make a decision on issuing a loan.

Russian citizens will no longer have toindependently enter personal data to obtain loans - they will be automatically downloaded from government information systems and will automatically receive legal status.

In the future, based on the digital profile will appear andother services that allow residents of Russia to remotely use various functions, receive benefits and tax deductions. In addition, the service will allow Russians not to carry documents with them, only an identification number is needed.

Previously it was planned that the full programThe Digital Profile will be launched by 2023. Now a similar platform works in China. It includes, among others, biometric data - for example, the system is able to recognize a person by walking.