Baseus Wireless Charging Holder

Modern accessories for mobile technology are practical and concise style. Exactly so in

in a nutshell can you characterize a carBaseus Smart Vehicle Bracket Wireless Charger holder for smartphone. In addition, it allows you to hold the mobile device in a comfortable position for you, while charging it wirelessly.

Yes, there are already a lot of similar solutions and alternatives on the market. Why did this model and this manufacturer attract us? It's all about quality and subtle style ...

Baseus Smart Vehicle Bracket Wireless Charger

I'll start the review with features that meattracted in the holder for a car from Baseus. First of all, it is a functional ability to charge my phone wirelessly, which is very convenient and practical in the modern rhythm of active everyday life. Many of us users are often forced to hang on the wire, what is there to hide. And then, consider, while you are traveling from point A to point B, you will have time to recharge your device. It is convenient, saves time, eliminates the need to carry a charging cable with you constantly in your bag. Especially for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel during the day.

The second advantage is quality implementation.accessory. Gone are the days when we are forced to simultaneously push the frames of the holder with our hands and install the phone there, and even on the go. Everything is much more thoughtful and easier to use here. Just bring the smartphone to the Baseus car holder and he gallantly offers us to install the phone, automatically expanding the holding frames. This mechanism works due to infrared sensorwhich is built into the accessory. To pull the phone out of the holder, just touch the touch button and the holding parts will be unclenched.

Such simplicity undoubtedly captivates. But the technical characteristics of the accessory are also important to us ...


  • maximum power 10 W, Qi standard
  • aluminum frame, clips have silicone inserts
  • power parameters 5V 2A, Max 9V 1.67A
  • suitable for smartphones with a diagonal of 4.5-6.5 inches

Other features

This model Baseus Smart Vehicle BracketWireless Charger can be ideally applied in the interior of any car. The manufacturer provided for fastening to the air vent grille using a metal hook. From experience of use I can note that the accessory “sits” quite reliably. The installation itself is also simple, just make sure that there is a base under the stops. Power is supplied using a meter-long micro-USB cable when connected via a car adapter or USB port on the machine.

The car holder will wirelessly charge a phone that supports the Qi standard. In case your model does not support this type of charging, you can hide the receiver-receiver under the cover.

Personal impressions

I use the holder for several weeks, complaintsno work and installation. I can note the extremely stable operation, the regular operation of the automatic holder mechanism and the receipt of charge on the phone. I really like the style of the accessory: minimalist, stylish, without unnecessary details - it fits perfectly into the interior and does not look bulky. There is no feeling of something superfluous and disturbing. I can safely recommend the Baseus Smart Vehicle Bracket Wireless Charger car holder for purchase, and even for such an acceptable price tag.