Batman Returns: WB Games teaser continued Batman: Arkham Knight

The official Twitter account WB Games Montréal published a teaser that hinted at a new game in the universe


What is known

In a short video, the developers showedThe Batsignal projected onto the building, and if you don’t blink, you will notice “25 frame”. So, every few seconds emblems appeared, two of which relate to Ra’s al-Ghul and the Court of Owls.

A man with a "truly Slavic name" is a long-standingBatman’s enemy and part-time grandfather of Damian Wayne, the son of the “dark knight”. Comic fans discovered the Court of Owls in 2011, a secret organization that has run Gotham since the time of the colonists. The remaining logos may refer to the Shadow League, an organization run by al-Ghul, but this is not accurate.

Now conspiracy thesis. It seems that WB Games is preparing a new game about Batman with the participation of the Court of Owls and Ra’s al Ghula. The latter even appeared in Batman: Arkham Knight, a previous franchise project. It is possible that the game will take place in Gotham, but will not affect the hospital Arkham.

Optimists believe that the official announcementwill be heard at the next broadcast of Sony State of Play, which will be held September 24 at 23:00. The second platform may be the Microsoft XO19 exhibition, which will be held from November 14 to 16.