Battle Leaders: Compare Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS

At the end of February, the Korean manufacturer did not disappoint anyone, neither media representatives nor ordinary guests

event hosted by the glorious citySan Francisco. The flagship turned out to be very successful indeed. Now it’s time to compare the top solution from Samsung with the mega-popular iPhone Xs, and find out which of them is more technologically advanced.


On one side of the barricades 5 screen diagonal.8 ”with Super Retina matrix and resolution 2436 × 112 with a pixel density of 458 ppi. This is the frontal ammunition of the iPhone Xs fighter. On the other side is the 6.1 ”diagonal immersive matrix. This is the Galaxy S10 armor, the resolution of which is 3040x1040 with a pixel density of 526 ppi, as well as an immersive effect. In this case, both displays are produced by one company, and this is Samsung.

Both screens on organic light-emitting diodes (OLED),which show real black (pixels are turned off), and slightly worse than IPS work with white. Even if you look closely, you cannot see individual pixels. As a rule, in technical terms, the Koreans have always had a better matrix, but users like the iPhone for more natural color reproduction. The American smartphone received a purely flat screen and a large cutout at the top, but instead of a bang, the Korean has a small camera hole, such as a peephole, and glass that bends towards the edges so that the edges of the screen itself are erased. Who is ahead in this plan is up to the consumer. Most likely, an impartial buyer will choose a Korean device, but the iPhone has an iPhone.


In principle, three cameras are always better than two orone, in any case, more diverse. The iPhone has two 12 megapixel modules on the back panel, Galaxy has got three modules: one wide-angle 12 megapixels, the second with a zoom of 12 megapixels and a third module with an ultra-wide angle of 16 megapixels. These are used in action cameras. The iPhone itself will also get one in the next generation. According to tests from reputable services, the cameras of both smartphones are removed equally, plus minus. With a front-facing camera, the Cupertins have a better camera, since the Koreans have a simple camera embedded in the display in this version of the selfie.


Galaxy S10 easily unlocked by touchdisplay and face recognition technology, the iPhone Xs have no alternative solution - Face ID. Samsung had the last generation of the iris scan function, but this time it was abandoned. If you compare, then more features are always a plus, but apple fans believe that integration into the iPhone system is better, and additional software is more qualitative.


In synthetic tests, the difference inThere is a performance, but it is minimal. Geekbench Korean showed a result of 4543 with one core, and 10521 on a multithreaded one. The iPhone 4777 and 11432. The difference is, but insignificant. In real conditions, there are no programs that would use the full performance of the flagships. Galaxy has 8 gigabytes of RAM onboard, and Apple's smartphone has 4 gigabytes. In the tests, this practically did not affect the result, but in real life the Korean will have more opportunities to keep applications in fast memory.


The thickness of both smartphones is about the same - 7.7 and 7.8 millimeters, the difference in weight is 2 grams, the back panels are also made of glass, just like the front panel. Along the perimeter of the metal frame. The Korean device has a version with a ceramic body, but this material has not gained due popularity, especially since it is more expensive. With ports on the iPhone only Lightning, the Korean got a USB-C, as well as an analog mini-jack audio connector. Apple fans will say that they don’t use wired headphones at all. S10 got a slot for microSD, with support for a 512 gigabyte card. However, mods believe that they are not useful in life and a half terabytes of space. And this is not considered a plus.

The Galaxy S10 is able to charge other mobiles.devices, the standard Qi, a very interesting feature that will be in reality, how convenient and popular, time will tell. As for protection, both smartphones are waterproof to IP68. However, swimming with them is undesirable.

In total, the Galaxy S10 has turned out to be more technological, but it is not clear how it will be useful in real conditions.

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