Battlefield 2042 overtakes Halo Infinite online on Steam

At release, Halo Infinite was considered the main competitor to Battlefield 2042, and much more successful. But now from the point

From the online perspective, both games are in a bad state – and the palm goes to the creation from DICE!

The peak traffic of Battlefiled 2042 on Steam over the past 24 hours has slightly exceeded that of Halo Infinite. 6520 against 5711 people.

Peak online of all time in Battlefield 2042is equal to 105,397 users, and in Halo Infinte – 272 586. The gap is explained by the fact that Battlefield 2042 requires funds, and Halo Infinte is distributed according to the shareware model.

Let us remember that, according to insider Tom Henderson, Electronic Arts even considered the opening of beta testing of Halo Infinite one of the reasons for the failure of Battlefield 2042. However, the publisher denies this.

Things have been looking up for Battlefiled 2042 lately.really bad. Yes, after the start of the first season, a small number of players returned to the online shooter, and the rating on Steam became “mixed” for the first time.

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