Hearthstone has launched the “Battlefields” mode - a card analogue of Dota Underlords

At the last BlizzCon 2019, after the announcement of Diablo 4, Blizzard introduced players to a new mode for Hearthstone, which has already

available to some players.

How to play

"Battlegrounds" is a card-based "auto-battler" andsuccessor to Dota AutoChess. Players will have to choose one of 24 characters and fight with eight of the same gamers, collecting their own army of creatures. According to the classics, characters are divided by rarity, which determines their strength. Between battles, participants in the fight can improve their fighters, and the final will come when only one player remains on the battlefield.

Gameplay for clarity:

The open beta test will begin on November 12, but partgamers can already appreciate the new mode. So, visitors to BlizzCon, owners of a “virtual ticket” and pre-orders of the Descent of Dragons add-on can break into “Battlegrounds”.

Along with the new mode, Blizzard addedHearthstone introduced legendary quests for the launch of Battlegrounds and made changes to daily quests to make them easier. In addition, gamers who log into the game before December 10th will receive a Sathrovarr card. Read more about the update on the official Blizzard blog.

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