Battletoads nervously smokes on the sidelines: the new gameplay of Streets of Rage 4 surprised fans

Together with Battletoads, the cult action game Streets of Rage will return to the gaming scene. As in the case of “toads”,

the developers changed the visual style of the game,making the characters and surroundings more cartoonish. And if such changes in the Battletoads restart only angered the players, then Streets of Rage 4 managed to avoid fan outrage.

What is known

YouTube channel IGN published 7 minutes of gamingprocess of Streets of Rage 4. The video showed how Axel and the new heroine Cherie deal blows to street bandits. Among the opponents were the classic franchise fat men, guys with mohawks and punks with machetes. At the end, the boss was waiting for the heroes.

The first footage of Streets of Rage 4 gives hopefor a worthy return of the series. Despite the change in visual style, the animations are smooth, the enemies are not stupid and behave aggressively, and the series features, such as bonuses at the levels, remain. The rest of the gamer audience is also positive. There are more likes than dislikes under the gameplay video, which the developers can perceive as public approval.

Streets of Rage 4 will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but there is still no release date.