BBC filmed a documentary on the creation of Death Stranding: a lonely genius game for lone gamers

BBC Newsbeat managed to drop in on “hipprain”, filming a documentary on the creation of Death Stranding, a visit

to Kojima Productions.

What showed

"Documentary" began to shoot in recent daysgame development, when developers prepared the trailer for launch and waited for confirmation of the quality of the master disk. Still, there was enough work, and Hideo Kojima continued to control every process, with particular attention to the Death Stranding release video.

Speaking about the main message of the game, Kojima touched on the topic of loneliness. According to the designer, even when playing in multiplayer gamers remain lonely and Death Stranding shows that this is not entirely true.

“I tend to be lonely. I think that in the world there are many such people, especially among gamers. Even if they have fun with others, at home they play alone and do not feel part of the community. Therefore, when people play (Death Stranding, - Ed.), They realize that in the world there are the same loners as they are. If I know that I am single, but there are other people in a similar situation, then I feel relieved. That's the feeling I want to achieve in the game, ”Kojima said.

Kojima also noted that there is no negative interaction between players in Death Stranding. In the project, gamers can only help each other, leaving useful devices in the open world.

“(In Death Stranding, - Ed.) there are only positive “likes”. There is no negative interaction in the game ... The attacks and cruelty that we see on the Web are out of control. So I designed the game so that people took a step back and again learned to be kinder to each other, ”said the designer.

Talking about the future Kojima Productions, designernoted that he would like to do a movie. Since childhood, Kojima loved films, because in his projects cinematic scenes play a big role. In the same Death Stranding more than seven hours of cut scenes.

“In the future, Kojima Productions will start filmingmovies ... I think in the next few years the games will go live. Movies, shows and games will be broadcast, and we can enjoy them on the screen of a phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. When this happens, films, shows and games will begin to compete for the same space, ”said the designer.

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