BBK disaster: OPPO and Vivo smartphone sales in China fell by 40%

Chinese analytical agency CINNO published a report on the state of the Chinese smartphone market in June 2022

of the year.Sales overall fell 16.9% year-over-year, the lowest since 2022, according to CINNO. However, in May the situation was even worse, but this is mainly due to the successful sale of 618 (June 18). However, it did not help everyone: BBK experienced a catastrophic drop in sales compared to 2021: OPPO sales fell by 40%, Vivo - by 35.7%.

Similar figures are obtained when comparing morelong periods of time: in the second quarter, sales fell by 41% for OPPO and 37.1% for Vivo (compared to the second quarter of 2021), and in the first half of the year - by 39.1% for OPPO and 33.2% for Vivo (compared to the first half of 2022). Xiaomi is also falling, but not so fast: by 20.6% in monthly statistics, 25.1% in quarterly and 23.9% in half-yearly. Apple's sales remain solid, while Honor shows rapid growth on the low base effect. During the first half of the year, it grew by 118.3%, but one must understand that a year ago, its assortment included only the Honor V40 and the Honor 50, released at the end of the half year.

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    According to CINNO