Be clear: Xiaomi introduced the Mijia Translator translator

Do you often leave your country to travel? Do you speak foreign languages? Which languages,

besides English and sign may be usefulperson on travel? In fact, the more languages ​​you know, the more enjoyable it is to travel. But you can’t learn every language in the world, especially complex ones such as Chinese, Japanese and others. What should you do if you like to travel and not relax on the beach at the hotel or even by the pool? Xiaomi gives an excellent answer to this - Mijia Translator. This device, which looks like a smartphone, is a translator.

How does it look

Mijia Translator received a screen with a diagonal of 4.1 inch, the matrix uses high-quality IPS RETINA, whose pixel density is 357 ppi. Tomorrow, a miracle translator will be available for $ 185. Autonomy for 19 days in sleep mode provides a 3000 mAh battery. If you translate a continuous conversation, the gadget will be able to work for five hours.

What can

Inside Mijia Translator is hidden the latestspeech recognition technology that the company has patented. It includes six sensitive microphones that work in different directions. Someone seeks out noises, the system suppresses them, other microphones seek out human speech coming from the owner and his vis-a-vis, all other sounds are suppressed, and the translation is more accurate and faster. There can be no repetition in a normal conversation, so the manufacturer relied on new speech recognition technologies. The system is capable of simultaneously listening to two sides, determining from which side the sound of different people comes from the timbre of the voice. When using this translator, you can talk freely without stopping the conversation to give time to translate what was said.

For a free conversation you need to switchto interactive translation, which just supports automatic sound recognition simultaneously from two directions. The translator displays all translated phrases on the display. One interlocutor has half the screen, the other half the other.

The device is able to recognize and translatevoice in 18 languages ​​that are used in 175 countries. The gadget also received a camera with a sensor of 8 megapixels, the optics are equipped with autofocus. The camera here is not for selfie, but also for the work of a translator. Mijia Translator is able to translate texts from photos, 8 languages ​​are supported. Moreover, the translation is carried out automatically in real time, it is not necessary to take a photo. You just need to point the lens at the inscription (it can be a street nameplate, information board, a sign on the store, and so on). In addition, the device can operate as a voice recorder that immediately digitizes the recording on the fly. It is possible to send a text version of the recorded conversation to E-mail, in order to edit it on the computer in the future. A very useful thing when taking an interview, and then you need to publish it as an article.

Internet connection is via a standard SIM card, there is a wireless interface and a virtual SIM card.