Beeline has updated tariff conditions for 2022

The telecom operator Beeline has updated the terms of the 2022 tariff under the name Tariff UP. Five appers “live” in the tariff -

characters.These are Bee Bazya, Dragon Jung, Cat Push, Panda Tapa, Robot Ping. Each of them is endowed with superpowers. To activate them, you need to complete tasks and accumulate "cells" - a virtual currency that appeared in the Beeline mobile application. After accumulating 100 "cells" it will be possible to open the superpowers of Appers.


Beeline will give 20 "cells" to a client who has connectedUP tariff for the period from 09/29/2022 to 01/31/2023. And every new day, entering the mobile application, he will receive three special tasks. Completing one task guarantees 1 "cell", and if you complete all three during the day, you can get 5 "cells". One superpower costs 100 honeycombs.

The Beeline application will offer various tasks. Both very simple, for example, go to the Beeline mobile application, and more complex ones - play several games in the game in the Beeline application.

By completing tasks, each Apper can activate the following superpowers:

  • Baza bee. +50 GB of Internet for the whole family — they can be shared with the numbers connected as part of the Share Everything service.

  • Dragon Yung. +15 GB of Internet to the basic Internet package according to the tariff.

  • Cat Push. 50% discount on outgoing and incoming roaming calls in a number of countries (does not apply to personal roaming offers and additional minutes and GB packages).

  • Panda Tapa. +1000 minutes for calls to Beeline RF numbers within the network.

  • Robot Ping. Additional 30 minutes for calls to a number of operators in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia.